Group Performance

Group Performance, , 2015, Digital video loop, single channel, 2’20”

Group Performance is a digital video loop created by compositing 17 unrelated YouTube performances of ”La donna è mobile” by Giuseppe Verdi. All singers, including the celebrity opera tenors and karaoke amateurs, begin together, yet because of natural differences in musical interpretation, original formatting of the sound/video recording and frame rate conflicts, the group performance turns into a strange sonic depravity. YouTube material included features Frèdo Barletti, Piotr Beczala, Jussi Björling, Marius Roth Christensen, Mario Del Monaco, Placido Domingo, Mario Filippeschi, Juan Diego Florez, Róbert Ilosfalvy, Karaoke Opera Montreal, Paliatsaras Konstantinos, Alfredo Kraus, Mario Lanza, Aquiles Machado, Luciano Pavarotti, Robert Picardo (EMH Star Trek), Prince Poppycock and Ferruccio Tagliavini.