History/Tectonics (2003-4)  is an interactive software art project created in Lingo. The installation of the piece consists of a wall projection and a keyboard station where users can input data and interact with the application.

The projected image consist of a semi-random flow of words which create landscape-like composition. The words originate on the left side of the screen and move across the stage leaving behind trails of visual material, debris, accumulation. The initial set of 150 words is provided by the artist, but users are encouraged to enter their own words into an input panel on the upper left corner of the screen. The new words gradually become a part of the flow, replacing the initial set, influencing the shape and look of the new landscape. Users can also use the mouse/cursor to carve the existing landscape to any shape they desire, however the continuous flow of words will gradually cover up their designs. The soundtrack of the piece is ambient sound of hand-writing, which is modulated (pitch, speed) by the behavior of flowing words.

The piece is metaphorically depicting the mechanisms behind historical build-up, relationship between the individual input, inertia of the written word, limitation of language and other social/physical forces.